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Welcome to my page about Broadway in New York City.


Hi! ¡Hola! Bonjour! If you found this page, it is because you, like me, love all things Broadway in New York City! My name is Rachel and you’ll find me running up and down and around the Theater District, running errands, eating food and taking in performances. Or catching a train to Grand Central to Yankeeland where I rest my head when I’m not in the city. Only to come back to midtown Manhattan to do it all over again!

My first Broadway show was Phantom of the Opera in 1999. I have since also seen Equus, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. This year I have seen Matilda the Musical and On Your Feet!. On tour, I have seen Annie and Cabaret. I have loved every show I have ever seen.

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Getting to see Amélie

I am so glad I had a chance to Amélie. During my internship, I’d met the director, Pam McKinnon, lead producer Aaron Harnick and Associate Producer Stephanie Cowan. They were all very passionate about the production. I am a big fan of the movie, having seen it in the theater and many times on my very own VHS of the movie that inspired the Broadway musical. I was curious to see what the musical looked and sounded liked and I wanted to support the company. The morning of May 21, I told my s.o. that I wanted to go to matinee and bless his heart, he said go. Meaning he would watch our offspring so I could see the show. (He did say I had to be back in time so he could watch the return of Twin Peaks. Fair enough to me!) With a Sunday 1500 matinee and a 1234 train to GCT train from Stamford, the timing was just right. And so was the ticket price. I showed up at the Box Office at 1400 and bought a front row Orchestra left ticket for $69.50 just before a group of four walked in to buy the last remaining of the tickets, too. All the rush tickets were sold, but I definitely got a great deal and a great seat! Amélie was such a great show that touched my heart and imagination. I found it to be whimsical and funny with a lot of heart. Phillipa Soo alone was worth seeing, like a captivating songbird taking us on an adventure accompanied by the her younger self played by the amazing Savvy Crawford. Everyone in the ensemble cast was excellent. I loved the songs and the lyrics carried the story nicely. The production had a lot of heart and it was a perfect Sunday afternoon for me. If you have a chance to catch this show on tour, be a do-gooder and go! For just under two hours without an intermission, the play moved fast, fluttering like the title character herself, had many very nice, sweet surprises and made it very easy to fall into the imaginary world created by McKinnon, the cast, crew and producers. The storybook musical was bookended nicely by the orchestra tucked into the murals on the walls and ceiling of the Jujamcyn-owned Walter Kerr Theatre. It was a wonderful experience and I was so happy to see the last performance before closing. I wholeheartedly believe it should have run for more. I look forward to seeing what is next from the creative team that brought the production to the Broadway stage. Bravo! See what you missed here: http://ameliebroadway.com and remember to buy a cast album to hear the dream.

It’s Springtime in the City

And we all know what that means…the buzz is all about the Tony Awards as nominations were announced yesterday. Being a newbie to Broadway, it was exciting to witness the hubbub and excitement among the theater community. And the support. If there is anything I have learned during my four month stint on Broadway, it is that this industry is enormously successful because and only because it is enormously supportive. There is so much passion and heart for the arts, to people’s avocations, crafts and talents, and to life and society. To the education of people, of oneself, the documentation of a legacy in the present tense. It’s pretty amazing and it’s something particularly unique to Broadway.

And speaking of unique to Broadway, I can’t believe my internship is wrapping up already. I have a week and a half left. My initial thought with this blog was that I would document my experience during the internship, alas I learned just how busy interns and assistants and producers and artists are on Broadway doing the things they’ve done and then some for the 100 years before social media and blogs. I’ve also learned how exhausted I am when I get on the train. So, instead, I have been collecting experiences that I will be reflecting upon and sharing in the summer months. In Times Square and on Broadway, there are certainly no shortage of them.

As far as the Tony Awards, watch them live on CBS in June 11. And then, go see a show! Last two shows I saw were Miss Saigon and Significant Other, both of which I enjoyed very much. I particular like that, this season, I saw both a play and a musical. I really enjoy plays and I see of trend of plays gaining more interest among theater goers and productions. Next season, the goal will be to build on that and see at least four plays.

Well, thanks for reading and until the next curtain call…this is me with Jon Jon Briones after his excellently charismatic performance in Miss Saigon…He took the time to speak with me about my experience with Vietnam as a veteran’s daughter and that being why I wanted to see the show. That was a special moment I’ll keep from this season on Broadway.